Real-Time Capability, Google Dictionary Highlight Google Search Updates

Dec 08, 2009

Google has released a new real-time search capability designed to find news for searchers as it happens, even if they don't know about it beforehand.

By selecting "Latest" from the Google search options menu or clicking on "Latest Results" after a search, users are given a full page of live tweets, blogs, news, and other web content scrolling on the results page. Results can be filtered to feature only "Updates" from micro-blogs like Twitter.

The new live search emphasis, as well as related mobile developments for Android and the iPhone, coincide with the addition of "hot topics" to Google Trends.

Another change for Google users will be most noticeable to those who use the search engine as a quick-use dictionary.

For single-word or idiomatic web searches, Google provides a link to a definition for the term next to the number of results. The link, which once directed the user to and before that to, will now lead to an in-house service, Google Dictionary.

While Google Dictionary lacks's information from encyclopedias, it does feature synonyms, antonyms, pronunciations, detailed definitions and examples from Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's English Dictionary.

According to CEO Bob Rosenschein, Google and never had any sort of business agreement regarding the link; Google used for its quality as a resource.