Real Story Group Finds DAM Adjustment to WCM, ECM Competition

May 27, 2010

Real Story Group, formerly CMS Watch, announced a set of new research findings that demonstrate that digital asset management vendors have begun incorporating increasingly advanced features into their offerings in order to compete with web content management and document management vendors that have begun offering partial DAM features in their own software.

The newly released research includes updates to twenty-two DAM vendor evaluations, including recent major releases from Autonomy and Open Text, as well as two new evaluations of open source offerings Nuxeo and Fedora.

Some of the features DAM developers are pushing include long-form video and audio management with voice-to-text features, multi-channel distribution functionality, and 3-D image management. The company also noted that customers using DAM features of CMS solutions might eventually encounter problems adapting to specialized output formats like ebooks.