Readytalk Pairs with Act-On for Latest Webinar Integration

Mar 22, 2016

Adding to its lineup of integrations with marketing automation platforms, ReadyTalk, a provider of online conferencing and webinar services, is announcing brand new compatibility with Act-On. Businesses of all sizes, including the mid-market companies served by Act-On, rely on the sales insights generated by webinars and other lead generation activities. With this fresh partnership in place, ReadyTalk will be able to automate processes, deliver broader and deeper data points, and provide customer service expertise for customers in another key tier.

In the past, mid-sized businesses have been relegated to relying on the registration and attendance status of webinar invitees. This new integration enables marketers, webinar organizers and salespeople to quickly and accurately qualify prospects based on their level of engagement before, during, and after a webinar.

Recordable metrics include registration status, attendance duration and entry/exit times, while more qualitative observations include answers to mid- and post-event survey questions as well as a comprehensive log of attendees' chat messages. Once data points are collected during a webinar, they automatically flow into individual lead profiles established in Act-On. Data can then be exported to other platforms or be organized into reports.