Random House Introduces Alibi, Flirt, and Hydra Digital Imprints

Nov 29, 2012

Random House is adding three new digital-only imprints to its line-up, according to Publisher's Weekly. The publishing giant -- which announced a merger with Penguin earlier this year -- will introduce Alibi, Flirt, and Hydra. The imprints will produce mysteries/thrillers, YA, and science fiction respectively. Random House is also, reportedly, expanding its romance digital imprint, Loveswept.

According to a post from Random House:

"The format will allow us to publish more quickly and to nimbly embrace what's new in each genre, delivering exciting, fresh, and varied new works every month directly to the digital devices of today's most eager readers.   Dedicated to affordable, accessible, and accomplished genre fiction, these four imprints will have unprecedented potential, both in terms of breadth and scope." 

According to PW the editorial team will be headed up by Gina Wachtel, associate publisher. The rest of the team will include editors from the genres: Sue Grimshaw, editor-at-large, romance; and Sarah Reed, associate editor, science-fiction and fantasy; Randall Klein, associate editor, mystery and thrillers.


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Just as New York City publishers were bracing for Hurricane Sandy, in stormed the news that Random House and Penguin, two of the largest publishers in the world, would be merging in the second quarter of 2013. [Insert sound of a needle scratching across a record here.] Larger publishers have been gobbling up smaller imprints since the 80s but this, this is something different.