Raising Internal Awareness About GDPR is Main Challenge, Say Subscription Businesses

May 10, 2018

With the countdown to the arrival of GDPR reaching the critical stages, more than a third of subscription businesses say that their biggest remaining challenge is raising internal awareness and knowledge about the legislation. GDPR comes into force May 25, with major implications for subscription businesses that collect personal data from B2B or B2C customers located in the EU.

Research conducted during MPP Global webinars uncovered that the main challenge identified by 34% of attendees ahead of GDPR was ensuring that their colleagues were aware of the changes in legislation and the potential implications of a breach.

Other challenges flagged by businesses included re-opting in their customer base, data storage and security, and managing personal data requests. These types of issues are common across MPP Global’s client base, so changes have been made to its eSuite subscription software to make GDPR compliance more straightforward.