RSuite CMS Releases Adobe CS3 InDesign Connector

Mar 24, 2009

RSuite CMS, a content management system for publishers, has added integration support with InDesign in its Adobe CS3 Connector. The integration with Adobe's InCopy and InDesign enables publishers the ability to manage their content as XML in RSuite while editing with InCopy and using InDesign for layout of the same XML content. The InDesign files and associated graphics can also be managed by RSuite. The RSuite CS3 Connector allows users to manage their content as XML within RSuite and to create their own XML content model to the native XML file format of InCopy. Publishers can also use RSuite to manage InDesign documents stored in RSuite. InDesign users can use the CS3 Connector plug-in to navigate the RSuite repository, place articles and images, and refresh links when the content has been updated by another user.