RSuite CMS Expands Publishing Automation Features

Dec 23, 2014

RSuite CMS, a publishing automation and multi-channel publishing content management solution announced version 4.1. RSuite 4.1 provides an extensive use of templates to drive efficiencies into the book publishing process. The pre-configured environment allows book publishers to work toward their goal of multi-channel publishing by using the free Microsoft Word templates to automatically generate XML, ePub, PDF, and other outputs. The out-of-the-box workflow plugin allows for editorial and production staff to begin to organize, execute, and report on the entire production process. Managers can now monitor and report on the status of their production process by personalizing the RSuite dashboard.

Key enhancements to RSuite include Microsoft Word book template library to standardize author and editorial submissions; automate transformations to PDF, ePub, HTML, XML, and InDesgin; pre-configured editorial and production workflows can be setup in a matter of minutes; manage and monitor entire production process through dynamic reporting and customizable dashboard.