RSiCopyright to Provide UPI with Digital Content-Licensing Services

Feb 03, 2004

RSiCopyright has announced that United Press International will manage reprint and other online content licensing requests with RSiCopyright's Instant Clearance Service and Clip&Copy services. The services are designed to allow readers to easily obtain UPI online content and photographs for Web sites, marketing materials and promotional or educational purposes.

RSiCopyright's Instant Clearance Service is a Web-based content licensing system that will allow UPI to track and fulfill reuse requests. By clicking on RSiCopyright's "house" icon located under online UPI articles, readers can purchase the reprint rights they need while helping them comply with international copyright laws. UPI distributes news online through newspapers, magazines, and other media partners. The media partners will have the option to use RSiCopyright's content licensing system for UPI online articles.

RSiCopyright's Clip&Copy service is a free, online news-clipping service that identifies licensable online content. Clip&Copy will offer readers the option to purchase online and print licensing rights for UPI content. By filling out an account profile on, readers receive news stories that meet their detailed search criteria. Readers can also choose how they want to license the content. Options include Web reprints, Adobe Acrobat PDFs, bulk formatted email, permission-to-use or photocopy license. Organizations and individuals also can request customized hard-copy reprints or custom eprints.RSiCopyright's downstream tracking system will allow UPI to track each request and know which media partner is receiving the request. Because the media partner will be able to license UPI content, the request will generate revenue for both the media partner and UPI.

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