RSiCopyright to Provide AP Digital with Content-Licensing Services

Nov 14, 2003

RSiCopyright has announced that AP Digital, a division of The Associated Press that provides news and information to the interactive markets, will now manage licensing requests for AP's online content with RSiCopyright's Clip&Copy and Instant Clearance Service.

RSiCopyright's Clip&Copy service, an automated search engine that identifies licensable online news articles, now offers the option to purchase online and print licensing rights for AP content. By clicking on RSiCopyright's "house" icon located under AP articles, users can access an online interface that guides them through the purchase of the rights they need while helping them comply with international copyright laws. Clip&Copy includes news from RSiCopyright's publishing partners. Reprints are provided in multiple mediums, such as HTML, Adobe Acrobat PDF, photocopy licensing, and custom printed reprints.

AP Digital also will soon use RSiCopyright's Instant Clearance Services, a Web-based content licensing system, to manage licensing requests for AP content on member and customer sites. Subscribing sites will have the option to use the content licensing system that includes the RSiCopyright icon. The icon on AP articles will offer direct access to the Instant Clearance Service, where users can purchase the rights they need. Users also will have the option to purchase rights for AP photos and graphics.  AP will be able to manage and track all licensing requests instantly.

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