RSiCopyright Becomes Valeo IP

Sep 28, 2004

RSiCopyright has become Valeo Intellectual Property, Incorporated and will operate as Valeo IP. In conjunction with its new organization, Valeo IP announced the addition of Gregory W. Jackson to its management team as CEO. The reorganization is a result of the company's expanded focus on content users--including an integrated suite of services for content users. The company intends to expand its services, focusing on content users by enhancing the tools it provides for users to find, clear, and use content. VIPclips service, the company's online clipping service, will undergo a series of product enhancements. Valeo's premier service, Valeo Permission Service (VPS), which enables users to instantly license copyrighted materials from publishers and news and information sources such as The Associated Press, UPI, VNU Business Media, Ziff Davis Media and Reuters, will also be enhanced in an effort to make it more user-friendly. Valeo EL uses the company's proprietary software to allow employees of companies that have purchased Valeo EL to distribute copyrighted materials inside their organizations without fear of copyright infringement.