ROO Media and AP Digital Join Forces

Jun 13, 2003

ROO Media, a provider of Internet video management solutions, and AP Digital, a division of The Associated Press that provides news and multimedia information to interactive markets, has introduced the AP Digital ROO Online Video Portal, a turnkey video news solution for Web sites that features integration and marketable advertising space. ROO Media integrates the video portal with the "look and feel" of subscribing sites and then hosts the portal and video clips, eliminating most traditional development time and costs for subscribers. ROO Media then provides ongoing support, content management, and streaming services, resulting in a frequently updated and fully maintained video platform customized for each subscriber. ROO Media also allows subscribing sites to generate revenue from their portals by providing space for and integration of 15 to 30-second, TV-style advertising clips before and after news content. Subscribers can sell ad space directly to their advertisers or through ROO Media's range of advertising programs. The AP Digital ROO Online Video Portal delivers a choice of content including channels for breaking news and entertainment. AP Digital provides updated news video compatible with top media players and a range of connection speeds. AP Digital's video packages provide coverage of breaking national and world news, as well as entertainment topics such as fashion, music, and movies.

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