ROLIK Announces New Marketplace for Video Creators and Businesses to Jump Into Digital Video Advertising

Sep 20, 2016

ROLIK, a digital video ad marketplace, unveiled a public beta of its self-service platform at TechCrunch Disrupt. The ROLIK marketplace is a platform where video creators can seamlessly upload ads that were created using any professional tools, and for buyers to purchase high quality, finished digital video commercials without the headache associated with lengthy production cycles.

ROLIK is addressing a growing demand for fresh content in the digital space, where marketers and brands scramble to stay at the forefront of video advertising and engaging their consumers in unique ways. eMarketer recently reported close to $10 billion in digital video ad spending this year—yet this is expected to grow significantly—close to 200% and $30 billion by 2020.

ROLIK’s online marketplace says it makes it easy for businesses to quickly view a wide range of finished video ads available for sale and then use its Packshot Generator branding tool to add their company branding with logo and slogan. Once the business owner or marketer finds the ad they like, purchasing it is as simple as clicking the “Buy Now” button and entering credit card information. They are now a proud owner of their own professional digital video ad that can be used without limitations on all available advertising platforms, all over the internet.