RLG Union Announces Catalog Gateway

Oct 25, 2005


RLG Union has announced its catalog gateway is available for interlibrary loan librarians and their clients. This gateway to holdings feature offers aggregated bibliographic information together with shelf status. RLG Union Catalog records contributed by libraries with Voyager or INNOPAC Millennium public access catalogs indicate what is actually accessible according to these local catalogs.

Anyone looking up books, journals, maps, etc. in the RLG Union Catalog through its Eureka interface will find in many search results a new link: Current holdings. This opens a window to a display of holdings and availability information from the owning library's catalog. The same feature (called OPAC holdings) is also available in RLG's RLIN21T interface. Users can automatically send loan requests to their preferred lenders for items located in the RLG Union Catalog. They can now see the local holdings information for many of these lenders and limit their requests to those where the material is actually available. RLG created the gateway to holdings in Endeavor's Voyager and Innovative Interfaces' INNOPAC systems because these support a necessary component of the Z39.50 open systems connection protocol: OPAC record syntax.