RLG Joins the OCA

Nov 01, 2005

RLG, a not-for-profit organization of over 150 research libraries, archives, and museums has announced that it will be a contributor to and partner with the Open Content Alliance (OCA), a consortium that is building a permanent archive of digitized text and multimedia content. Generally, textual material from the OCA will be free to read, and in most cases, available for saving or printing using formats such as PDF. Works collected by the OCA will include cultural, historical, and multimedia content from libraries, archives, and publishers.

RLG's immediate role in this initiative will be to supply the bibliographic information needed to aid in materials selection and description for these searches. RLG's Union Catalog is a source of bibliographic descriptions for use in research and research collections management. With records for over 48 million titles, it provides coverage across subjects and material types in almost 400 languages.

(www.opencontentalliance.org; www.openlibrary.org; www.rlg.org)