RAWgraphs Turns Complex Data into Visual Representation

Jan 19, 2017

Fast growing engagement-marketing platform Contactlab, announces the sponsorship of RAW, a top data visualization web app built by DensityDesign, a research lab of the Politecnico di Milano university, and created by design studio Calibro in recognition of the growing importance of visualizations in brand marketing strategies. Mapping out the data in different ways allows brands to explore patterns and trends to make more informed business decisions.

RAWgraphs is an open source data web app built to make complex data easy to understand. Raw provides the missing link between spreadsheet applications and vector graphics editors.

Main features of the new product release include the change to Apache 2 License to foster cooperation with a broader community; an updated technology stack and the availability of new charts and visualization. RAWgraphs will take advantage of a completely new website and a blog open to the developer’s community.

(rawgraphs.io, contactlab.com, calib.ro)