Quintura Launches Search Interface With Interactive Tag Cloud

Mar 02, 2007

Quintura, a search startup, has announced the launch of its re-engineered visual search. Quintura helps visually find web pages, images, and video content. The new search experience is based on the See & Find concept where users can see and refine their searches within an interactive tag cloud and instantly find relevant information.

Quintura offers a way to refine and narrow a search. The graphical user interface of Quintura presents search results in two panes--the left pane contains a preset interactive tag cloud and the right pane lists search results. The nature of the cloud allows web users to refine their search by clicking on tags that appear in the cloud. Holding a mouse cursor over a tag in the cloud causes new, related tags to appear surrounding an original tag and search results to change in the scrollable right pane. Clicking a tag in the cloud the web users can refine a search and navigate through visual clusters of search results.

Quintura displays graphical images (favorite icons) next to tags (search terms) in the tag cloud. The icon is associated with a URL that corresponds to a search term. Clicking the icon users can visit web pages right from the tag cloud.