Quintura Announces New Web Search Software

Sep 27, 2005


Quintura, a Web search company, has announced the launch of its next generation of web search software--Quintura Search. Quintura Search introduces a new approach designed to help a user to search and find information on the Web by defining the context or meaning of the keyword. In addition, it uses dynamic clusterization and a visual semantic map to simplify Web search.

The technology utilizes: Context management, which analyzes the relationship or associations between words and keywords, and designed to help a user to define the keyword context or keyword meaning; Dynamic clusterization, which builds or changes clusters on-the-fly depending on user input; Visual semantic map for context management, which adds or subtracts keyword, and changing context with a mouse click or drag & drop; "All in one" approach, including clusterization, visualization, and management of search results with one click; Unlimited scalability designed to allow for fast search in any volume due to parallel data processing; and Intelligent interface and user friendly navigation of search results. Quintura Search operates on top of search engines and web content aggregators and will be available for download as a free desktop software application in October 2005.