Questel.Orbit and Lingway Release PatReader

Sep 24, 2004


Questel.Orbit, a provider of intellectual property information services, and Lingway, provider of linguistic technologies, have announced the release of PatReader. This new product is the first commercial project launched under the new joint venture announced earlier this month by Questel.Orbit and Lingway, and joins PatentExaminer as one of the productivity tools released by Questel.Orbit this year. PatReader uses Lingway's linguistic technology together with Questel.Orbit's full-text databases to create a new visualization tool designed for quick and accurate scanning of full-text patents. It creates reports using linguistic technology to extract and synthesize relevant information, and lays out the document in a two-column format with elements on the left linked to the full-text on the right. Vital information, such as the major advantages of an invention, drawbacks of former patents, cited individuals or corporate organizations as well as independent claims, are highlighted for easy scanning. PatReader is available for English-only full-text patents on Questel.Orbit's US, European, and PCT patent databases, and will be extended to French and German language in 2005.