Questel Orbit Releases QPAT v4.0

Dec 16, 2005

Questel*Orbit, a provider of intellectual property information services worldwide, has announced the release of the new QPAT v4.0.

The new QPAT adds additional searching power and features to search Questel*Orbit's FamPat and PlusPat databases as well as its full text patent collection. Enhancements include: a Re-designed search screen; User-friendly entry boxes as well as a command-line entry for expert searchers, and the addition of an assignee and inventor index look-up; Enhanced hit-list display; Tabular display which can be expanded to include abstracts and front-page images; Flexible displays with enhanced links; and Quick-change record views (formats) and links to corresponding full-text patents, legal status, electronic facsimile patents (PDF), and both FamPat and extended (Inpadoc) families. QPAT v3 will be maintained through the end of January 2006, and a link to it is included on the QPAT v4 login page.