Questel Orbit Adds SDI Feature to the MMS

Mar 10, 2006

Questel Orbit, a provider of intellectual property information services worldwide, has announced the addition of an SDI feature to the Merged Markush Service (MMS). Questel Orbit MMS customers can set up and receive SDIs (selective disseminations of information also known as Alerts) for new chemical structures added to updates in the Merged Markush Service. These SDIs will extract new compound number (CN) results from updates of MMS that match an SDI query.

SDI results can in particular include both generic and specific Derwent Compound Registry (DCR) compound numbers. Customers then have a choice of recalling these CN results in either MMS or in the Thomson Derwent World Patents Index bibliographic databases DWPI and DWPX. The process for setting up an SDI query is similar to setting up a saved query in MMS. Pricing for MMS SDIs is $33 per SDI run for either weekly or monthly email notification.