Questel•Orbit Releases PatentExaminer

Jul 20, 2004

Questel•Orbit, a provider of intellectual property information services, has announced the release of PatentExaminer, a patent portfolio management system that is designed to speed patent analysis and enhance the collaboration among search experts, engineers, and patent attorneys. PatentExaminer displays the full-text patents and original facsimile patents side-by-side. It includes a user defined text mapping and clustering feature incorporating different colored highlighting, to quickly find text and concept clusters. Ranking and annotation features are included to assist in the examination and collaboration process. PatentExaminer allows customers to create and name an unlimited number of workfiles as well as to copy, move, and delete results from one workfile to another. Records can be filtered and sorted based on a number of criteria to assist users with portfolio management. Reader access to directories and workfiles is set by the administrator. Unlimited number of records and workfiles can be archived for long term projects and analysis.