Queplix Launches QueSearch

Mar 20, 2009

Queplix Inc., a provider of enterprise information access technology, released QueSearch, a universal search platform that integrates structured data from enterprise, SaaS, and cloud applications into a single search tool. QueSearch software extracts data and permissions from a variety of application and database formats, while enforcing security policies and access controls on a per-user basis. QueSearch ingests structured data from enterprise and cloud applications, and creates synthetic data objects that can be injected into enterprise search indexes such as Google Search Appliance, Autonomy, Endeca, or FAST. Users receive a relevance-ranked search results list integrating unstructured data and documents, as well as a category-grouped listing of results. QueSearch monitors applications in real time to capture updated data and meta-data for injection into the search index. QueSearch can discover application data and meta-data, such as business entities and relational links, users, roles, and permissions for inclusion in the search index. Once users receive authorized search results incorporating structured and unstructured data, QueSearch enables them to view the data within the original application, or within a web data browsing interface.