Qubit Unveils New Machine Learning Tech for Data-Driven Marketers

Oct 27, 2016


Qubit, a provider of context-driven customer experiences, announced the deployment of its machine learning engine as part of its industry-leading digital experience management (DXM) platform, along with several major updates. This demonstrates continued investment in the company’s technology, having completed a $40 million Series C funding round led by Goldman Sachs earlier this year.

Built on its new Qubit ML engine, opportunity mining empowers marketers to automatically identify and prioritize customer groups by their largest revenue opportunities, using predictive analytics and unsupervised machine learning methods. These customer groups, or segments, are surfaced to Qubit users in priority order, ready to deliver highly relevant and personalized digital experiences. With these predictive capabilities, organizations can now focus on the segments that warrant the most attention, rather than randomly engaging specific customer segments with meaningless experiences.