Qubit Announces New Integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Jul 19, 2018

Qubit, a provider of marketing personalization technology, announced the company’s latest integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Qubit’s new Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge automates the integration of Qubit’s data layer, enabling ecommerce companies to collect rich behavioral data on their customers and take their personalization efforts to the next level, leveraging Qubit’s platform. The cartridge and partnership will enable greatly improved speed to deployment so that retailers can jumpstart their personalization efforts, with ecommerce companies seeing as much as a 6% increase in revenue when leveraging the Qubit Pro platform.

As a partner, Qubit enables Salesforce Commerce Cloud retailers to deploy personalization techniques that go beyond basic targeting and product recommendations. With Qubit, retailers can build experiences across the visitor journey that speak to specific segments, from first-time visitors to long-term VIPs. The technology brings together data collection methods, advanced segmentation capabilities, and a suite of proven personalization techniques.

In addition, Qubit brings the same approach to personalization with Qubit Aura, the company’s AI-powered discovery product built specifically for mobile commerce and launched in late 2017. The solution is designed to unlock the mobile web channel using product discovery as the focus in the customer journey. Qubit Aura is not only improving conversion rates on mobile, but also providing a halo effect for complementary channels--in some cases a 33% increase in attributed revenue on desktop.