Qubit Announces New Features

Oct 13, 2015


Qubit announced it has added three new solutions to its integrated Experience Management Platform to enable clients to further scale and optimize their online shopping experience. Qubit, which delivers data-first customer experiences, provides a digital experience management platform that integrates analytics, segmentation, AB and multivariate testing, and web personalization functionalities with its Visitor Cloud, a real-time data supply chain.

Social Proof creates a sense of urgency through messaging via real-time notifications based on the activities of other site visitors. Voice of Customer automatically analyzes customer feedback and exposes topic trends and the associated sentiment. The data can be used to assess how likely visitors are to recommend products and then be leveraged to tailor the site experience moving forward. Product Recommendations applies "other people have looked at this" logic to recommendations and encourages visitors to explore more of the product portfolio. Recommendations can then be based on the knowledge of the visitor's last viewed products.