Qubit Announces DXM Platform Upgrade

Apr 28, 2016


Qubit, a pioneer in delivering data-first customer experiences, has launched a comprehensive upgrade to its premium digital experience management platform that promises to mark a major evolution in the way marketers understand, segment, and target online customers. In a challenging ecommerce landscape where customers expect increasingly better experiences, exceeding expectations has become business-critical. Qubit says its updated Digital Experience Management (DXM) platform will enable companies in any industry to put customer insights to work faster and more effectively.

Brands will be able to use the new Adaptive Targeting feature to view and incorporate updates to customer segments automatically in real-time with every new online event to drive hyper-relevant engagement. Adaptive Targeting will work in tandem with the new Visitor Cloud Data Exchange (VCDX): a collection of services helping marketers unlock and integrate their customer data faster and more easily so they can put it to work driving greater competitive advantage.

Adaptive Targeting can help companies operationalize and activate their customer data in ways that have previously proven difficult. Marketers can often find that what they know of their customers at any one time can be meaningless 10 minutes later when a customer has changed direction. The Adaptive Targeting segmentation technology takes into account new insights as they are observed or gathered from a variety of data sources. It automatically adjusts and updates segments in real time to reflect these changes.

Visitor Cloud Data Exchange offers users a variety of ways to collect online or offline, streaming, surveyed or static customer data. Companies can also directly connect to the Visitor Cloud through their own business intelligence software such as Looker and Tableau. VCDX is reportedly designed to unlock a company's customer data faster, making it instantly available to use for segmentation, targeting, or experience delivery.

Qubit has also launched Abandonment Recovery and Customer Preferences to add to its portfolio of out-of-the-box experience management solutions.