Quask Launches Free Edition of FormArtist

Jul 27, 2004

Quask, a provider of Web-based forms and survey software, has announced the launch of a free version of its Web forms and survey software. FormArtist is a desktop software package that is intended to enable users to create and publish Web and email based forms, surveys, ebrochures, and opinion polls, without any technical knowledge or programming abilities. The new free version is a fully functional product with no limitations, and used to be the FormArtist Presto edition, which retailed for $49.

The FormArtist range of products comprises FormArtist Free Edition, FormArtist Standard ($199), FormArtist Professional ($899), with an Enterprise version available. The Free Edition is designed for designing forms and simple surveys that can pop-up or be embedded into Web pages. Full validation and scripting capabilities are incorporated, and response data is collected by email. For users who require data to be collected in a database for analysis or export, the Standard, Professional, and Enterprise versions offer full database functionality.