Quask Launches Formflow Workflow/BPM Software

Feb 01, 2005

Quask, a provider of browser-based data collection and analysis software, has announced the launch of the FormFlow workflow application. FormFlow adopts a forms-driven approach to workflow and is designed to enable organizations to map their business processes to FormFlow's Web-based forms, encapsulating the routing, notification, and other logic into the form itself.

FormFlow's structured approach to the gathering and dissemination of information is intended to facilitate global, intelligent, and rapid information flow and collaborative data collection. Electronic documents are stored and accessed via the browser, and processes can be mapped to single or multiple forms, with access levels for viewing and creating workflow forms defined. FormFlow is also packaged with a license for Quask's LiveStats application, which provides real-time browser-based statistics and reporting for FormFlow forms and processes. LiveStats enables users to configure reports containing bar charts, pie charts, tables, lists and OLAP cubes for others to access both inside and outside the organization.

FormFlow has been built around Quask's FormArtist product. FormArtist is a browser-based data collection tool, enabling users to produce online and offline HTML and PDF forms, surveys, and polls. All form access is browser-based and no plug-ins are required to display or complete the forms. With FormFlow, forms can be designed and workflow rules can be defined with no technical or programming knowledge required. FormFlow requires Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 Server running IIS and Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Varying degrees of customization are possible, and FormFlow integrates at the form or field level with almost any other system or database. There is no limit to the number of people completing forms. FormFlow licenses (server side components) retail for $14,990 per server and include the LiveStats real-time reporting and analysis license and one form design client. Additional form design clients can be purchased for $899 per client. FormFlow is also available as a hosted solution.