Quark Targets Usability Features in Quark XML Author 4.0

Jun 09, 2011

Quark released Quark XML Author 4.0 for Microsoft Word, Quark's add-on for Microsoft Word that lets users create structured XML content. Quark XML Author 4.0 introduces new usability features, enhanced DITA mapping features, and an optional module for publishing to the DITA Open Toolkit. Quark XML Author 4.0 also supports Microsoft Office 2010.

New usability features targeting XML within Word include Quick Start Templates, custom starter documents that provide guidance to users, Intelligent Styles to replace XML elements with improved Word Styles that can be accessed with a single keystroke, Semantic Tables that allow user-defined tags to be displayed as a table, and Conditional Previews that provide instant feedback on how documents will appear based on different audiences and different target outputs such as print, Web, or mobile devices.