Quark Software Launches Quark Author

Nov 25, 2014

Quark Software Inc. announced the availability of Quark AuthorTM, new web-based software that allows business users and subject matter experts to create structured content within a word processor-like environment that keeps XML behind the scenes. With Quark Author, writers can create and organize content in components using standard content types such as sections, paragraphs, lists, tables, charts and figures. When created as structured components - or Smart Content - content can be dynamically assembled for output across mobile, digital, and print channels.

With Smart Content organizations are better equipped to engage customers at any point along the sales funnel. According to Quark, traditional ways of creating content - almost always with a word processing application - trap valuable content into static, formatted documents that serve a single purpose. It is difficult and expensive to find, track, and update this type of content in any meaningful way.

A modern approach to content creation is to break content into components that can be managed, discovered and reused across channels. Examples of content that lends itself to a Smart Content approach include product marketing, financial research, policies and procedures.