Quark Launches QuarkCopyDesk 7

Dec 07, 2007

Quark Inc. announced the launch of QuarkCopyDesk 7, Quark's text and picture editing software designed for writers, editors, and others who contribute to publishing workflows. QuarkCopyDesk 7 is intended to improve communication throughout the editorial workflow by providing a simple and intuitive work environment and seamless interaction with QuarkXPress 7. QuarkCopyDesk 7 enables writers and editors to see the same graphic-rich pages that designers see. All attributes, such as colors, article geometry, style sheets, and hyphenation and justification rules, are maintained so that formatted files move between the two applications. QuarkCopyDesk 7 can also exchange text with Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, XPress Tags, HTML and other word processing formats. Among the new features incorporated in QuarkCopyDesk 7 are: Professional image manipulation and picture effects; Split views allowing users to split article views horizontally and vertically to display the content in Galley, Full-screen and WYSIWYG views simultaneously. Content edited in one view updates the other views automatically; and Streamlined output process.