Quark Launches Dynamic Publishing Solution

Mar 07, 2008


Quark Inc. announced that it is leveraging its existing desktop publishing, server, and collaborative workflow knowledge to launch a new enterprise solution in the emerging dynamic publishing market. Called Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution (DPS), the enterprise-scale publishing solution combines flexible layout with automated publishing to create and deliver communications across multiple types of media, including print, the web, mobile, and electronic devices. Dynamic publishing automates the creation and delivery of information across multiple channels, from print to web, email and beyond. It allows users to create reusable components of information that can be combined to create various types of documents for any audience. Dynamic publishing automates the page formatting process allowing for the production of print, web, and electronic content from a single source of information. Quark DPS consists of multiple software components, including desktop tools for creating content, and server-based technology for automating publishing workflows. It is based on open standards to allow for integration with enterprise content management systems and other business applications.