Quark Advances the Design Experience with QuarkXPress 8

May 30, 2008

Quark announced the release of QuarkXPress 8. QuarkXPress 8 delivers design power through a new interface developed for the creation of high-end page layout, print, web and Flash authoring tools, design-driven typography, and global publishing capabilities. QuarkXPress 8 allows for synchronized and simultaneous design across print, Web, and Flash. Designers and creative professionals can share print content on the web and in Flash format. QuarkXPress 8 uses one global file format, which supports advanced eastern and western typography for more than 30 languages. American and European users can switch the language of their user interface and users can open and print a file created in any edition of QuarkXPress 8 without reflow. All editions of QuarkXPress 8 share the same dictionaries, include hyphenation functionality, and support the import, formatting, and output of East Asian text.