Quantum Art Restructures

May 18, 2004

Quantum Art, Inc., a provider of process-driven content management solutions (pCMS), has announced plans for corporate restructuring. As part of the restructuring, Edward Shenderovich has been named president and CEO, with Quantum Art's founder, Eugene Nikiforov remaining as chairman of the board, and taking helm as the president and CEO of Ixtens, a spin out of Quantum Art's multi-channel ecommerce division. As President and CEO, Shenderovich, who was previously Quantum Art's EVP of Strategic Development, will continue directing the company's product strategy in process-driven and transactive content management. As a part of the reorganization, Quantum Art has also created a professional services company that will conduct business under the name Novodel. Quantum Art's co-founder and former CTO and Head of Professional Services, Lisa Oganissian will lead the upstart's business and technical development efforts.

(http://www.ixtens.com), (http://www.quantumart.com)