Quantum Art Partners with DocuComp

Apr 29, 2003


Quantum Art, Inc., a provider of dynamic Web content management to local governments and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), has announced a technology partnership to integrate Advanced Software, Inc.'s DocuComp technology into Quantum Art's Q-Publishing content managed solution. Development of version control capabilities within Q-Publishing is intended to make the product a unique content management system for its target market. Current capabilities of Q-Publishing to store any previous content version and provide a convenient interface for management of roll-back procedures, are widely used by Q-Publishing users to recoup inadvertent mistakes and analyze historical developments of particular Web site documents. Advanced Software licenses DocuComp to vendors looking to add or enhance content change management and collaboration capabilities in their client or server software products. With this embedded product feature, end users can compare two content versions and identify inserted, deleted, replaced, and even moved text.

(http://www.docucomp.com), (http://www.quantumart.com)