Quanticus Announces Enhanced Data Reporting

Aug 16, 2005

Quanticus S.A. de C.V. has announced the release of version 6.0 of DBxtra, a standalone query and reporting tool for the Windows platforms. This application is designed to enable the user to connect to various data sources, and create ad hoc queries and reports. Some of the DBxtra features, include: the ability to connect to multiple databases at the same time; the ability to filter, sort, and group data in any way; the ability to create queries without SQL knowledge; design powerful ad hoc reports; the ability to publish live connected ASP files to an Intranet or Web server; the ability to export to Excel, charts, HTML, PDF, text files, XML, and create live digital OLAP dashboards with Excel pivot tables and charts; the ability to email data and merge reports to customers, suppliers, and business contacts; the ability to automate your business process by scheduling your reports and alerts.

This newest version gives the user the ability to design a data report and publish it to an Intranet or Internet server as an ASP page. Similar to other DBxtra operations, ASP design and publication can be done via point-and-click. The new feature is available for free for all owners of DBxtra Professional edition. However the company is planning to distribute it as an add-on, extra-cost option to DBxtra Professional. DBxtra 6.0 is designed for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/NT4/2000/2003 Server and costs $100 for the Standard edition and $280 for the Professional edition. Registered customers are entitled to free updates and lifetime technical support for one year after purchase. A 15-day functionally unlimited evaluation version is available as a free download.