QuanticMind Unveils Machine Learning-Powered Solution for Google Shopping

Oct 17, 2017

QuanticMind, the data platform for intelligent marketing, unveiled a new way for retailers to lift their e-commerce performance by leveraging the power of intent. Bringing its data-driven approach to Google Shopping with soon-to-be-released support for additional e-commerce channels, QuanticMind Shopping maximizes retail efficiency and overall profits.

QuanticMind Shopping says it unifies all cross-channel and third-party data and extracts the most relevant data and insights to inform, and perform, the most profitable advertising decisions every time.

QuanticMind Shopping for optimized Google Shopping performance with these powerful features:

  • Intelligent bid optimization
  • Customized inputs and outputs towards your goals
  • Fast, full-funnel insights
  • Data-driven inventory & revenue management
  • Error-free data feed optimization