Quadralay Launches WebWorks ePublisher Pro

May 13, 2005


Quadralay Corporation, a provider of electronic publishing solutions, has announced the launch of WebWorks ePublisher Pro, a solution for creating online content. The new desktop ePublishing software is designed to leverage the power of XML and allow users to create customized content for the Web, intranets, professional online Help systems, portable devices, enterprise-ready XML, or PDFs.

WebWorks ePublisher Pro is intended to provide greater flexibility and ease of use for Help authors, technical writers, documentation professionals, and other content providers wanting to produce content for common online formats directly from Microsoft Word or Adobe FrameMaker files. In addition, the new software features WYSIWYG controls and push-button processing that give authors control of the look and feel of Help content and other online information.

WebWorks ePublisher Pro for Word enables the customization and conversion of content directly from Microsoft Word. It is designed to offer a more intelligent workflow that eliminates the step of importing Word-authored content into a separate authoring environment in order to transform the content into a desired online format. Authors can use Microsoft Word to write, maintain, and update content, then use ePublisher Pro to manage and deliver multiple online formats such as HTML, XHTML, DHTML, or the cross-browser, cross-platform information system WebWorks Help.

WebWorks ePublisher Pro for Word enables users to create professional Help systems. Instead of copying and pasting content into a proprietary editor, or managing multiple document versions, authors can design and deliver Help systems with their content remaining solely in Microsoft Word. ePublisher Pro provides a dynamic preview window for designing the look and feel of each Help system, as well as an intuitive graphical interface for developing commonly required advanced features. ePublisher Pro includes a Microsoft Word plug-in called WebWorks Transit, which adds markers and conditional-text functionality directly to the Microsoft Word environment. Context-sensitive help is supported for many development environments, including Java, C++, .NET, and Web-based applications. Currently supported Help formats include HTML Help, WebWorks Help, WinHelp, JavaHelp, JavaHelp 2, and Oracle Help for Java. Full support is planned for Microsoft's Longhorn Help once it becomes available. The functionality necessary to import legacy RoboHelp-based content is included in ePublisher Pro. Authors can open RoboHelp projects and create new Microsoft Word documents for future content sources.

WebWorks ePublisher Pro produces online content that is compliant with Section 508 of federal law, which is intended to eliminate barriers in information technology and create new opportunities for people with disabilities. Most ePublisher Pro output formats fully support accessibility, with automatic code validation. WebWorks ePublisher Pro includes support for more than 45 languages, including out-of-the-box support for double-byte languages. Translated content can be reproduced in output for most European languages, as well as Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

WebWorks ePublisher Pro for Word ships in June 2005, and is available for purchase by authors for $1,000, and internationally for $1,100. WebWorks ePublisher Pro for FrameMaker ships in July 2005, and is available for purchase by authors for $1,395, and internationally for $1,515. For a limited time, customers can save $250 when purchasing either product when upgrading from any competitive Help authoring tool.