Qpass Launches Service Enabler Partner Program

Sep 30, 2005

Qpass has announced its Qpass Service & Technology Enabler Program (Q-STEP), a resource for Qpass' partner companies to leverage Qpass' deployment of new mobile services for network operators. The program currently includes more than 40 companies worldwide.

Members can also access resources available from Qpass that enable them to better develop, market, and distribute applications and content such as: IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) services; Mobile video; Location-based services; Mobile VoIP and push-to-talk; Speech recognition; Enterprise applications; Peer-to-peer applications; and Mobile search and discovery. Qpass has instituted a membership criterion for Q-STEP, which ensures that participants have undergone technical diligence and requires that their solutions have technological leadership and have been successfully deployed with network operators. To deploy next-generation mobile services, network operators require flexible definition of offers and promotions; rapid service provisioning and access control; efficient payment and settlement, real-time financial reporting; and automated self-care tools.