Qpass Announces Extended Product Suite

Feb 11, 2005

Qpass, a provider of software for digital media and services, has unveiled its new product suite, following the recent acquisition of content delivery software provider ucp morgen. The new product set consists of four elements - the Qpass Content Delivery Platform, Qpass Service Management Platform, Qpass Payment Server, and the Qpass MultiMedia Album. The four products, provided as standalone solutions or as integrated components, are designed to manage the entire supply chain for digital media and services. Each is designed to integrate with existing business systems, enabling customers to create, launch, and manage offers across any distribution network.

Qpass Content Delivery Platform delivers the capabilities required to present offers and deliver digital media and services products to end users by: providing a Web-based workflow for the upload and management of digital content - including ringtones, games, music, video, and tickets; presenting content offers for searching and shopping by end users, rendered for either the Web or mobile device; and delivering downloads via SMS, MMS, WAP push, WAP OTA, and J2ME download.

Qpass Service Management Platform is intended to enable operators and media companies to launch and manage any offer, for any device, on any network, leveraging existing business systems by: integrating content providers into the operator's core business systems, and managing contracts, settlements, and reporting through a Web-based workflow; managing a single centralized offer catalog for all types of premium digital products, with capabilities for pricing, bundling, promotions, and access control; delivering transactions to pre- or post-paid billing systems, credit and debit cards, or other payment systems; and using real-time reporting and customer care interfaces for operators, content providers, and end users.

Qpass Payment Server is designed to provide secure, efficient management of micro and macro payments by: providing full capabilities for micro and macro payments for digital media and services; providing online self-care for operators, content providers and end-users; and supporting all types of payment methods, including credit and debit card, prepaid and postpaid billing systems, and Simpay.

Qpass MultiMedia Album provides a P2P photo, media, and messaging experience for end users' generated content by: providing a Web based tool for end-users to manage all their media products, including pictures, messages, audio files, and video files; enabling end-users to create and deliver multimedia messages featuring video, audio, and other content through an efficient Web interface; and efficiently integrating with existing MMS, WAP, or other infrastructure to increase usage and revenue for peer-to-peer media.