Qordoba Adds Emotion Scoring to its Agile Strings Management Platform

Apr 10, 2018

Qordoba, a platform enabling product development teams to manage the words in their applications, announced a new capability for scoring emotional tone in product and marketing content. Qordoba’s patent-pending technology actually measures the emotional content of product and marketing copy to improve the user experience.

Qordoba’s content scoring is based on Affect Detection, a computer science discipline that applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand the primary emotion conveyed by written text. The Qordoba platform utilizes natural language processing techniques to identify the emotion associated with a specific combination of words, allowing developers and product teams to create more effective user interfaces (UI).

Copy forms the foundation of brand experience, alongside design. Whether users perceive an app as bold, quirky, professional, or cute depends primarily on the copy. However, the UX industry has largely overlooked words. The market for user experience management and design has created hundreds of tools, from design and usability feedback to event tracking and user analytics. However, the UX industry has largely overlooked words.

Content quality is also an issue. From simple issues such as spelling and grammar errors, to complex issues such as inappropriate emotional tone or divergence from official brand voice, managing the text part of an interface can be a minefield. Qordoba offers a managed interface layer, where product content is managed and measured in a central repository to improve the user experience and accelerate time to market.  Different apps running on multiple channels stay consistent with new versions of interfaces across multiple sprints.