QUALCOMM Announces DRM Solution

Feb 24, 2004

QUALCOMM Incorporated has announced a digital rights management (DRM) solution for its SecureMSM security suite, intended to enable operators and content developers to deliver copyright-protected digital media over wireless networks. The SecureMSM solution is completely integrated into select Mobile Station Modem (MSM) chipset solutions and will be available for the WCDMA (UMTS) digital media marketplace beginning with QUALCOMM's MSM6250 chipset solution. With the SecureMSM solution, QUALCOMM supports the three methods of Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) DRM version one, as well as other open DRM implementations.

Built completely upon QUALCOMM's BREW API, the SecureMSM solution provides rights management for all protected digital media, from premium content to non-premium content. With the SecureMSM solution, wireless handset manufacturers can supply their customers with devices that meet mandatory operator requirements for DRM support. The SecureMSM solution uses QUALCOMM's integrated BREW API to ensure that applications which currently use DRM and trust agent will also work on future MSM platforms, enabling design re-use and faster time-to-market. The SecureMSM security suite is also available to Java-based applications. The SecureMSM software is integrated into select QUALCOMM MSM chipset solutions and is a key component of QUALCOMM's Launchpad suite.

Features of QUALCOMM's SecureMSM DRM solution include: support for open DRM implementations including the three methods of OMA DRM v1: Forward lock, Combined delivery, Separate delivery; fine granularity of permissions on executable content and API access control; and a more secure file system to ensure integrity of sensitive data. The DRM solution for the SecureMSM security suite will be available mid-2004.