Q-Industries Launches SmallCapInvestor.com

Jun 29, 2007


Q-Industries, a developer of websites and advanced business applications, has announced the completion and launch of SmallCapInvestor.com, the latest in DC-based Business Financial Publishing’s (BFP) family of investment-related news services.

SmallCapInvestor.com is designed to be a source of independent news and analysis for investors interested in small capitalization companies (those under $700 million). The website is designed to provide investors with continually updated and breaking news on small cap stocks, objective third party analyses, and sector-specific reports. Q-Industries’ development of SmallCapInvestor.com is intended to provide BFP with online publishing, ecommerce, and advertising capabilities.

The website employs a variety of Web 2.0 technologies, which provide the following features and functionality: Custom Publishing Engine (Content Management System)--the drag-and-drop system is designed to allow articles and content to be resized and moved around--enabling page layouts and templates to be modified on the fly; Integration of multiple third-party news and data feeds are intended to provide users/investors with a variety of sophisticated rich content; Ecommerce tools that include co-registration with other content providers and partners, sales of, and access to levels of information for investors, such as webinars, DVDs and special reports; and flex-advertising--third-party and in-house ads are designed to be moved around the site to optimize placement, click-throughs, and return.

(www.SmallCapInvestor.com; www.q-industries.com)