PushSpring Teams Up with Pinsight

Oct 24, 2017

PushSpring, an independent app-based mobile audience platform, announced a new data offering from Pinsight, the leading first-party mobile data and insights provider. Marketers will now be able to leverage Pinsight’s carrier-level demographic, interest, and intent data via PushSpring’s self-serve Audience Console.

This agreement marks an expansion of audience targeting capabilities for existing customers of the PushSpring Audience Console allowing marketers to build custom audiences including app ownership data from PushSpring combined with carrier-level Pinsight data. 

The Audience Console will also include more than 20 curated Pinsight Personas, making it easy for marketers to execute a campaign based on a specific target audience. Unlike other segments, Pinsight Personas are built upon a foundation of verified, first-party, mobile data. These audiences are continually updated to reflect the genuine, real-time lifestyle and intent of mobile consumers.

(PinsightMedia.com, PushSpring.com

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