PushSpring Launches Audience Console

Oct 01, 2015

PushSpring, an independent app-based mobile audience platform, announced the launched of a beta version of the PushSpring Audience Console that allows selected mobile app owners, marketers and agencies to quickly build custom audiences to reach mobile app users at significant scale. PushSpring says its Audience Console provides advertisers and app publishers with mobile app audience data for more than 100 million unique device IDs in the US, and leverages billions of mobile app data signals and industry standard audience segments to develop PushSpring Personas.

Within the PushSpring Audience Console, advertisers and app publishers can select from 150 pre-built audience segments, app genres, or custom segments to compare and build audiences across four categories of consumer dimensions: Life Stage, Interest & Activity, Intent and Demographic. Marketers can also use PushSpring's Audience Console and its custom segment creation tool to identify unique characteristics of their own app audiences and augment that first party data with PushSpring Personas to create more highly targeted segments, based on validated attributes.