PureEdge Announces Integration Development Kit for IBM DB2 Content Manager

Jun 24, 2003

PureEdge Solutions Inc., a provider of XML forms-based business process automation, has integrated the IBM DB2 Content Manager with PureEdge's business process automation framework. This strategic integration is intended to provide organizations with the tools required to quickly automate complex business processes while creating value from their existing IT investments and increasing operational efficiencies. The new offering provides a framework that supports a typical IBM DB2 Content Manager implementation model. The delivery of this new offering comes as part of PureEdge's business process automation framework, which is composed of products, partnerships, and services to create, manage, and deploy XML forms-based processes. PureEdge technology is based on document-centric, XML-based architecture to provide organizations with the power to manage the lifecycle of each business process, including creation, routing, management, and archiving. With PureEdge, users have the ability to digitally sign documents, use both adhoc and structured routing, work remotely, move data in and out of corporate systems, and store all elements of a process in one secure file. The PureEdge Integration Development Kit for IBM DB2 Content Manager will be available on June 30, directly through PureEdge or selected strategic partners.