Pulse Mobile Launches Veepers Content Engine

Apr 11, 2006

Pulse Mobile, a provider of user-generated mobile content services, has announced the availability of the Veepers Content Engine (VCE), an automated mobile content creation platform designed specifically for mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and online social networks. VCE allows both MVNOs and online social networks the ability to offer their users a method to create personalized animated messages and avatars for delivery to mobile phones and other devices.

As part of this product platform, the company also announced an applications suite including: Veepers Messaging, Veepers Visual Voicemail, and Veepers ImageText. The VCE allows an end-user the means to create a custom interactive character on their mobile phone from a static photo, and add their own voice or have text converted to speech. In addition to offering the VCE directly, Pulse Mobile has partnered with companies in the mobile software infrastructure market including Comverse Technologies, Openwave Systems, and Lucent Technologies to offer integrated solutions to mobile operators.