Pulse Digital Expands with New Division

Aug 09, 2005

Pulse Digital, a developer of automated DVD production and digital asset management solutions, announced that it has created a government division to focus on its DVD SelectNet system for use within federal, state, and local operations. The company has appointed Mark Hirsch, its Chief Technology Officer, to spearhead government operations. DVD SelectNet is a system that creates professional DVDs automatically without requiring any video expertise or DVD authoring experience of its users. The system enables any department to build a digital media library and then produce professional quality DVDs on demand.

The DVD SelectNet software is installed locally and integrates with a robotic DVD recording and duplication system. Authorized users log in via their standard desktop Web browsers using a Mac, Windows, or Linux-based system. The authorized user will select the desired video clips and then submit an "order." DVD SelectNet can process that order and produce a professional, fully-authored DVD in multiple quantities, if desired. Because it's completely automated, the user can return to other work and will be notified via email when the DVD project is complete. Videos and still images can be collected from a variety of sources, including live feeds, videotapes, pre-existing digital files, and direct output from Avid and Apple non-linear editing systems. The system accepts different source file formats simultaneously and will automatically transcode the material as needed. Additionally, DVD SelectNet can also add "attachments" (any other digital files, including text documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, or high resolution imagery) directly onto the authored disc.

DVD SelectNet supports multiple concurrent users and processes several DVD projects simultaneously, providing extremely high throughput. The system automatically performs all of the technical operations required for producing authored DVDs that play in standard DVD players found in living rooms, conference rooms, or training facilities. DVD SelectNet supports many different source materials formats including MPEG-2, AVI, QuickTime, Windows Media, plus various still image formats.