Publishers Form Pangaea Ad Alliance to Combat Google and Facebook

Mar 19, 2015

Several publishers have come together to form an ad alliance, pooling audiences to combat the like of Google and Facebook, whose massive audiences often draw ad dollars away from content providers. The Economist, CNN, The Guardian, Reuters, and The Financial Times have formed a programmatic ad network in order to pool their audiences and allow advertisers to buy up space across all of these audiences. That audience is about 110 million readers, according to the alliance's website.

The network is called Pangaea, a reference to the super continent we all (hopefully) learned about in elementary school. It will launch in beta in April, using Rubicon Project as the delivery platform. According to a press release, "During the beta phase Pangaea will offer display solutions both as a standalone product and alongside existing publisher initiatives including native advertising programmes and publisher trading desks." Pangaea will also makes its data available to advertisers to help them better understand this massive audience.


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