Publicitas Introduces Immersive 360 View and Video Mobile Ad Formats

May 05, 2016


Publicitas, an international media and advertising services company, has introduced 360 view and 360 video advertising formats to Publicitas Mobile. The company says the immersive formats provide brands with invaluable data, high levels of consumer engagement, as well as visibility and responsiveness to the programmatic world. These interactive formats give brands detailed campaign results through a premium, fully managed service, responding to the industry issue of performance measurement.

Both formats can measure user engagement, brand time (in screen time), unique impressions, viewable impressions (in screen), engagement time (dwell time), CTR (Click Through Rate), and impressions. In addition, the 360 video format can measure video viewed by quartile, click to start video (CTA), and VTR (View Through Rate).

Publicitas 360 view and 360 video have built in measurable add-ons such as click to call, collection of email addresses and phone numbers, as well as sending out coupons and directions to the closest stores and restaurants. The engagement is always initiated by the consumer, and as the ad is played within the original site, potential customers remain within the premium content.